What Are Compounded Medications?

What Are Compounded Medications

Compounded medications are drugs that have been customized by your local compounding pharmacy in Virginia. There are a number of ways medications can be compounded or tailored to meet your own unique needs and a multitude of reasons why this is so important. The main reason why people have their medications compounded is safety. Here are a few things you should know about compounding and compounded medications:

  • Adjusted Dosage Levels

    One of the more common reasons why people have their medications compounded is for the alteration of the dosage level of the drug. This is because the medicine is either too strong or not effective enough. Through compounding, your pharmacy in Virginia is able to alter the dosage levels in order to make the medicine as effective as possible for you. We will then adjust it over time to maintain its effectiveness.

  • Ingredient Substitution

    Another reason for compounding is to substitute an ingredient. If you are unable to take your medicine because of an allergy toward a particular ingredient, compounding can provide the solution you need. We are able to swap out certain ingredients, to make the medication safe for you to take. We can also do this without changing the effects of the medication and while maintaining its effectiveness for you.

  • Form and Flavor

    We can also do a number of quality of life changes to your medications as well, including changing the form it comes in and the flavor. This will make it convenient for you to take or easier for you to get your kids to take their own medications because we all know how gross certain kinds of medications can be.

Compounding is an important pharmaceutical service that allows people to not only take their medicine safely but to ensure that their drugs are as effective as possible for them. If you would like to find out more about compounding and how it can benefit you, please visit your local retail pharmacy in Gainesville, Virginia. You can also get in touch with Gainesville Pharmacy for more information. We are committed to helping you stay healthy through exceptional compounding, pharmaceutical services, and top notch products.

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