Gainesville Pharmacy in Virginia provides custom made, superior quality, and personalized compounded medications to patients utilizing the strictest and world’s best practices. When a prescriber determines its medical need and when manufactured medications are not the first choice, compounding pharmacies are on ground to source for specific ingredients in order to continue with medication therapy.

Also, when certain medications are not available in specific form, back-ordered or in shortage, or not available in the market, compounding has proved to be the right option. Gainesville Pharmacy works with prescribers and patients to meet patient’s specific and personalized needs.

Compounded medications are made from scratch, based on the individual need of the patient as determined by the prescriber. We source for quality ingredients, carefully formulate it, and come out with the best possible product. Our products meet the health needs of our patients and our staff is equipped and provided with extensive training to create and formulate top quality compounded medications.

All the compounds are scrutinized through extensive Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) procedures before they reach their destined hands. We get you what you need at the exact time it is needed. With our friendly delivery options, patients and healthcare providers receive compounded preparations in a timely manner. Delivery of compounded medications has never been that prompt – it’s super easy and fast.

Facts about compounding

Each individual and animal is unique in their own way and their health needs are not left out. A growing number of these specific health needs are not met from off-the-shelf prescriptions. They require customized compounded medications prescribed by licensed Physicians or Veterinarians and prepared by qualified compounding Pharmacists.

The staff at our Retail Pharmacy in Gainesville, Virginia are highly skilled professionals who have studied chemicals, their compatibilities, physical and chemical nature, and they have the ability to compound and produce medications.

There are various reasons to use compounding pharmacies:

  • Discontinued and/or shortages of specific medications
  • Patient’s sensitivity and/or allergy to dyes, binders, and preservatives
  • Tailored dosage strength
  • Combination of various medications for compliance adherence
  • Change the formulation of the medication, such as tablet to suspension
  • Flavoring to make more palatable (for children and veterinary needs)

We remain committed to providing quality products by:

  • Following USP 795 guidelines
  • Using a third party lab for product testing
  • Providing in-House QA and QC documentation
  • Purchasing Pharmaceutical Grade Chemicals (USP, NF equivalent) from FDA registered and regulated facilities
  • Obtaining Safety Date Sheets (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) of each & every chemical
  • Maintaining master formulas and lot-specific formula records
  • Tracing back each and every lot
  • Training, educating, and conducting semi-annual assessments of staff
  • A system in place for any recall or adverse events
  • Verifying each and every step from the prescription to compounding and to dispensing