5 Common Questions About Drug Compounding

5 Common Questions About Drug Compounding

Is it your first time getting compounded medication?
Maybe these are a few of the questions you have in mind:

  1. Why should you consider getting compounded medication?
    Compounded medication comes with a lot of benefits.

    Think of it as a way where you can have medicine that is tailored to efficiently meet your needs.

    It provides an alternative for individuals who:

    • Require medication that is no longer available in the market.
    • Are allergic to a component of their medicine.
    • Need a higher or lower dosage of the medication they are taking.
    • Have difficulty in taking or tasting medicine (such as children and pets).
  2. Is it safe to get your medication compounded?

    Drug compounding is a practice performed by licensed pharmacists who have the skills and knowledge to create a personalized medication in lieu of your prescription. In line with this, pharmacists who perform compounding services follow standard procedures to secure that the compounded medication is properly prepared.

  3. Are there added precautions to be considered when taking compounded medication?

    Each compounded drug is different from the others. If you have concerns about how compounded medication should be taken, your best option is to ask your doctor or pharmacist. Never second-guess anything that is related to your health.

  4. Do pharmacists require special training to perform compounding services?

    Compounding is one of the basic skills a pharmacist learns in their respective schools before they are issued a license. For pharmacists who wish to specialize in compounding, they can undergo added training to advance their skills. However, they are not required to have other accreditation compared to traditional pharmacists.

  5. Which governing bodies oversee compounding services?

    Generally, compounding is a practice that is overseen by the state boards of pharmacy. In addition to this, the United States Pharmacopeial (USP) Convention also issues several standards to be met by pharmacies who practice compounding services. These standards provide a guideline to ensure that compounded medication is made with the best interest of the patient in mind.

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