Does Your Pet Have a Hard Time Taking Their Medicine?


There’s nothing wrong with wanting what’s best for your animal companions.

They make your days a lot brighter and filled with more fun. They keep you company on a daily basis, and most of all, they never fail to put a smile on your face. It’s only natural that you would do the same for them by providing them with shelter and keeping them healthy.

Sometimes, however, it can’t be avoided for your pet to fall ill. On these occasions, you have to admit that giving them medication is not always an easy thing to do. Your animal companions might struggle, and it will only make them feel a lot worse than they already do.

Compounding medication provides a solution to that dilemma, and here are five reasons why:

  • Compounding makes medicine more palatable.

    Have you ever wrestled with your pet just to get them to take a tablet? It’s not a very nice experience, isn’t it? You could get injured as your pet struggles. On the other hand, your pet could end up choking on the very same tablet.

    With drug compounding, the flavor of the medicine can be altered and your animal companion will be more inclined to take it without having to put up a fight.

  • Compounding turns multiple medications into a single-dose formula.

    If your pet has been prescribed with multiple medications for their treatment, having him/her taking it can be a real challenge. But with drug compounding, all those medications can be converted into a single tablet (or other forms), so administration of medicine will be a lot easier both for you and your pet.

  • Compounding adjusts the medicine’s dosage.

    Is the amount of dosages available in the other retail pharmacies a lot lower or higher than what your animal companion needs? Don’t worry. Drug compounding can fix you up with the right amount, so your pet can get better in no time.

  • Compounding alters the medicine’s ingredients.

    It can’t be avoided that some medications can cause an unwanted reaction to your pet. With drug compounding, you now have the option to change the medicine’s component so that your animal companion can benefit from it the best.

  • Compounding improves medication management.

    With a singular tablet that tastes better, there is no doubt that you will no longer have any trouble in helping your animal companion follow their prescription plan. Thanks to drug compounding, they will be able to get better quickly!

Talk to your veterinarian about drug compounding as an option for your pet’s treatment. Feel free to mention that you’ve learned about it from Gainesville Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy in Virginia.

We aim to provide you a better experience among any other retail pharmacy in Gainesville, Virginia. Let us know how we can be of service. Drop by for a visit today!

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