Dynamo B12 Blaze Micro Quick Tablets: 100 tablets


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Frunutta Dynamo B12 Blaze Instant Dissolve Tablets: For Energy & Metabolic Health*
Dynamo B12 Blaze provides natural energy and support of metabolic health.*

Caffeine stimulates the production of stomach acid, which actually helps the body absorb B12.

Combination of B vitamins and Caffeine cause:

An extra spring in your step with the natural boost of Caffeine and Vitamins B12.*
B12 and caffeine usage for energy and all day staying power*
Increases Memory, and Can Improve Energy Levels and Make You Smarter*
Caffeine detoxes the liver and Vitamin B12 helps maintain nerve and red blood cells. An essential component for a properly functioning nervous system, it helps to synthesize DNA, the genetic material in all cells*
Replenishes muscle glycogen concentrations faster after exercise*
Stimulate hair growth*
It could reduce your risk of Parkinson’s*
Helps ward off Alzheimer’s*
It’s fuel for your workout*
It could lower your risk of diabetes*
Can Help You Burn Fat*
About the product:
small potent dietary supplements
requires no swallowing or water
Micro Quick Absorb Instant dissolve tablets
Preservative Free, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Dye Free; No Fillers,
No Additives, No Excipients
Easy to take
All our vitamins and dietary supplements are manufactured in our Certified GMP facility under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines) in Los Angeles, California


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