Tips on How to Buy and Use Medicines Wisely


As customers and patients, it is pertinent to buy and use your medications wisely. But how do you do that? Gainesville Pharmacy, a pharmacy in Virginia, shares with you some tips on how to be clever in buying and using your medications:

  1. Do not hesitate to ask questions.

    Before buying your medication, do not hesitate to ask. Who do you ask? Why, the professionals, of course! Don’t go around the neighborhood asking where to buy cheap medications unless you are living in a community of nurses, doctors, and pharmacists.

    If you do not know what to ask the experts, we have compiled a list of information you need to know about your medication:

    1. Name
    2. Active ingredient
    3. Use
    4. Amount and time to take it
    5. Expiration date
    6. Side effects or special warnings
    7. Actions to take in case side effects happen
    8. Effectivity of the medication given your condition (e.g., pregnant or breastfeeding)
    9. Food or drinks to avoid while on medication
  2. Keep a list while buying.

    After taking note of this information, put it in your medicine cabinet and in your bag or purse. This is in just case you need to buy it in a pharmacy. It is also useful whenever you will be asked by medical professionals what medications you are using.

    A typical retail pharmacy in Gainesville, Virginia has a lot of medications. You cannot simply walk in and get the medications you need. You have to show it to the attending pharmacists so you will not waste your time, effort, and money.

  3. Read and follow the directions before consuming.

    Medicines are most effective if (you guessed it) it is used according to its instructions. That is why instructions are there in the first place. Taking too much or too little of your medicines can cause harm to you.

  4. Store medicines in a safe place.

    Medicines should be kept in places that are away from children or pets. After all, you do not want to let them suffer just because of your clumsiness and inattentiveness, do you?

    Aside from being away from children and pets, medicines should be stored in places according to the label of the medicines. Do not just put medicines in places and rooms where you installed the medicine cabinet. This is the importance of instructions and labels.

  5. Throw old and unconsumed medicines.

    Old and unconsumed medications need to be thrown away. It does not matter if you invested money on them or if other people may benefit from it. Ask experts how to properly dispose of your medicines. If you can’t, you can surrender them to a pharmacy near you.

There are two effects of buying and consuming medicines. One is that it can reduce pain or the irritability of a certain condition. It may even cure patients from their sickness. The second one is not pleasing. Medicines, when taken ineptly, can trigger a new condition and can even cause death.

So, be safe while buying and taking your medications!

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