The Benefits of the New FDA Rules

The main mission of the Food and Drug Administration or FDA is to keep us safe from bad drugs and food. They do this by setting and enforcing strict regulations that force companies to ensure that their products are as safe as possible. Since there are constantly new programs being developed, the FDA has to … Continue reading

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Compounding Basics: Are Your Medications Not Effective Enough?

Medications that are not as effective as they should be are actually a common occurrence that many people experience. This is because drugs are developed to benefit as many people as possible, so they are produced based on the average person. This means that there are people who will have medications that are either too … Continue reading

Tips on How to Buy and Use Medicines Wisely

As customers and patients, it is pertinent to buy and use your medications wisely. But how do you do that? Gainesville Pharmacy, a pharmacy in Virginia, shares with you some tips on how to be clever in buying and using your medications: Do not hesitate to ask questions. Before buying your medication, do not hesitate … Continue reading

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How Compounding Changed the World of Pharmaceutical Drugs

Even if pharmaceutical compounding has been around for a while in the industry, its many uses cannot be denied. That is why it has been growing more and more popular. To answer the demands of the market, pharmaceutical companies make these services available to both care providers and patients. Gainesville Pharmacy, a known compounding pharmacy … Continue reading