How Compounding Changed the World of Pharmaceutical Drugs


Even if pharmaceutical compounding has been around for a while in the industry, its many uses cannot be denied. That is why it has been growing more and more popular. To answer the demands of the market, pharmaceutical companies make these services available to both care providers and patients.

Gainesville Pharmacy, a known compounding pharmacy in Virginia, has been providing compounding services to patients who need alterations in their medications. It is made available for patients who:

  • Have a hard time taking their medications

    It is no secret that medicines are unpalatable. Therefore, parents lie in front of their child, saying it tastes good when truthfully, they know it is not. Kids, older adults, and pets have more sensitive taste buds. They cannot stand taking medicines that taste bitter, too sweet, or inedible.

    This is when flavor compounding comes in. Compounding pharmacists are able to alter the taste of a person’s medication, making it taste like their favorite flavor. If medicines taste like something individuals prefer, it will not be easy to take in.

    With this service made available, you will not have to force your child, your aging parent, or your pet to take their medicines. In fact, it will make your work easier than before.

  • Need medicines that are unavailable in the market

    Large manufacturers have the ability to discontinue the production of some drugs because of certain reasons. They may find it hard to manufacture these drugs or the supply may have outweighed the demand. However, that does not mean that there are no patients out there taking that discontinued drug.

    Pharmacists who specialize in compounding can create these drugs through mixing available ones to meet the needs of their patient. Take, for example, our retail pharmacy in Gainesville, Virginia. We have first-class pharmaceutical ingredients made available so that pharmacists can make high-quality medicines compatible with your condition.

  • Cannot take available medicines because of their allergies

    As we delve deeper into the pharmaceutical field, we learn that people are unique. Some medicines may be okay for one person but this does not mean it is okay for all people. There are patients who are allergic to flavoring, dyes, gluten, alcohol, lactose, and more.

    Patients with allergic reactions to an ingredient of a medicine find it hard to look for an alternative. Sometimes, they would have to pay more in order to have a medicine that does not trigger their allergies. But with compounding, we are able to extract that ingredient out of the medicine.

Medicines are one of the most vital tools in helping patients combat diseases, heal injuries, and boost their immune system. It is our job as pharmacists and providers of quality and safe medications to make it available to the public.

How did compounding services transform your life? Let us know in the comments.

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