Allergic to Your Medications, What Can You Do?

Allergic to Your Medications, What Can You Do?

It can feel like you are stuck in a Catch-22 situation when you find out that you are allergic to your medications. On one hand, you will not get better if you do not take your medications but on the other hand, you will only get worse if you do take your medications due to your allergies. So it may seem like your options are limited but Gainesville Pharmacy is a pharmacy in Virginia that can provide you with the solution you are looking for. That solution is COMPOUNDING.

As a compounding pharmacy in Virginia, we are able to customize your medications to suit your needs perfectly. We can do an assortment of things to your medications to help tailor them for you including substituting the ingredients you are allergic to for better alternatives. Here are a few ways we can help you:

  • Ingredient Substitution:

    If you are allergic to your medications, it is probably due to a particular ingredient that is present in the medication. The first option available to you is to look for generic medicines that do not contain that ingredient but if you cannot find one, then you will need to rely on our compounding services. We can actually swap out that ingredient and replace it with another, while still maintaining the effects of the medication you are taking.

  • Dosage:

    While we are customizing your medications to suit your allergies, we are able to do other things for you as well. A pivotal part of compounding is adjusting dosage levels. The dosage of a drug is determined by the average person, which means for some people their medications may not work at all. By altering the dosage and adjusting it according to your unique self, we can improve the effectiveness of the medication you are taking.

  • Other Options:

    You can also choose some other options while we are customizing your medications. You can change the flavor, change the form, and do a wide range of other things to not only make sure that you are not allergic to your medicine, and that they are easier and more enjoyable to take.

Compounding can help you ensure you can take your drugs safely and effectively. As a retail pharmacy in Gainesville, Virginia, we have a large selection of amazing medications and health related products that can help you maintain the best health possible.

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