4 Reasons Why You Should Give Compounded Medication a Try

4 Reasons Why You Should Give Compounded Medication a Try

Have you heard of drug compounding before? It is a process done by licensed pharmacists in order to manufacture medicine that will tailor to a client’s direct requirements. Simply put, pharmacists will make medication for you, right from scratch.

Now, you might be wondering why you need to use drug compounding when you can use ready-made medication.

That’s a good question! The main benefit that comes with drug compounding is that it allows you to customize ALL the components of the medicine that you are about to take.

That means you can change its form (whether tablet or pill), it’s formula, it’s dosage, and sometimes, you can even tweak its flavor so that it goes down more easily.

But more importantly, you should give compounded medication a try because…

  1. It’s created to meet specific needs.

    Are you allergic to a certain compound that is present in the medicine available in the market? Do you want a no-drowse version of your meds?

    Drug compounding has you covered. With it, you will be able to enjoy the best of what a pill has to offer you, minus the drawbacks.

  2. It’s more convenient to have.

    What kind of medication are you looking for? If it’s one that isn’t commonly used by the public, there’s a great chance that it won’t also be dispensed in your local pharmacies. You might even have to take a long drive to the hospital pharmacy just to get what you need.

    However, if there’s a compounding pharmacy nearby your area, you can have your medication made for you pronto. No hassle.

  3. It’s simpler to manage.

    How many number of medicines do you take in a day? If you’re tasked to swallow a mouthful of meds in a day, there’s a great chance that you may forget to take one or two of them at a time. And that’s a bad thing because it can affect the effectivity of your treatment.

    But if you decide to take advantage of drug compounding, you can swap out all those pills for less, but with the same potency. Amazing, isn’t it?

  4. It’s just as safe to take.

    Just like traditional drug manufacturing, the drug compounding process also follows standards set by governing bodies to ensure that all formulations are non-toxic to health.

    Furthermore, these medications are prescribed by licensed physicians and created by licensed pharmacists who have an extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills in drug compounding. So there’s nothing to worry about.

If you have other questions regarding drug compounding and how it can benefit you, direct your inquiries to a reputable compounding pharmacy in Virginia, such as Gainesville Pharmacy. We don’t just carry compounding services either, we mainly function as a retail pharmacy in Gainesville, Virginia, and render other services as well.

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